Sporadic Wiki Post notifications

I have created some wiki posts with different users, and both the author and those Watching the topic seem to get notifications. However, they are only receiving notifications for edits sporadically. I can’t find a particular pattern for it.

Is there some sort of minimum time gap or consolidation period for sending notifications? Or does the size of the edit matter, or whether it is an addition or subtraction? Any other possible explanation for it?

Here is a screen recording of it.

I think you have to be ‘Watching First Post’ at the category level for the notifications to come through, rather than just ‘Watching’ (and the wiki be the first post). Otherwise it’s only the wiki ‘owner’ that gets them.

Nope. I think I conflated ‘Watching with the wiki as first post’ with ‘Watching First Post’. My bad.

I haven’t checked this myself yet, but I’ll have a test. :+1:

Thanks. But I’ve seen some comments from the devs that its supposed to work in precisely the opposite fashion - only get notifications for topics which you have manually Watched.

Anyway, it doesn’t explain my issue, given that the author and manual watcher are receiving notifications, but only sporadically.

I’ve tried a few permutations, and I can’t seem to get reliable wiki edit notifications either (for the Watcher). I considered the ‘grace editing period’ (ninja edit) might play a part, but even adjusting that in the admin settings didn’t change the notification success.

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Thanks for confirming. Hopefully someone will be able to look into this or enlighten us with a setting/fix!

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I’ve been trying to get some repro steps, but it did get a little confusing. :slightly_smiling_face: It seems it doesn’t like consecutives, but I’ll post my notes and let someone else see if they’re useful. :+1:

Expected behaviour: That an edit notification will be received by the author, and any user Watching the wiki topic, for any significant edit (pencil change).

Actual behaviour: A user can consecutively edit a wiki multiple times without triggering a notification to the author or Watching users (if they’ve also edited the wiki?)


I created a topic and made it a wiki, then had two test users (Test_One and Test_Two) set to Watching the new wiki topic.

The wiki edits:

Jammydodger Edit 1 (both test users received notification)

Jammydodger Edit 2 - ninja edit set to 0 (neither test user received notification)

Jammydodger Edit 3 - 5 minutes later (neither test user received notification)

Test_One Edit 1 (both author and Test_Two received notification)

Test_One Edit 2 (neither received notification)

Jammydodger Edit 4 (Test_Two received)

Jammydodger Edit 5 (neither received)

Test_One Edit 3 (Test_Two received 2 notifications. Author none)

Test_One Edit 4 (neither received notification)

Jammydodger Edit 6 (Test_Two received notification)

Jammydodger Edit 7 (neither received notification)

Test_Two Edit 1 (both received notification)

Test_Two Edit 2 (neither received notification)

Jammydodger Edit 8 (Test_One received notification)

Test_One Edit 5 (both received notification)

Jammydodger Edit 9 (Test_Two received notification)

It was getting a little muddled towards the end, so I’ve stopped it there. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the thorough effort! I think its fair to conclude that “sporadic” is the right term?