When editing badge updated parameters are not visible after saving

I was really confused that something is wrong but now realized that it is just a bug… I’m using Badges from admin panel to edit SQL, description and settings of Badge.

When I click Save it gets saved and parameters hold OK. But when I switch into another badge from left list and back to this badge, parameters are old (like Save didn’t happen).

I have to switch to another section of admin panel and then back to Badges, then select badge from left menu to see changed Badge parameters.

It was one of my first experiences with Discourse and I was so confused at first that I’ve spent about an hour trying to realize why it is not saving, and I ended up using direct access to postgres to update badges ! :weary:

I am on very late master v1.7.0.beta7 +239

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This is not enabled in default Discourse because it enables massive security holes (anyone with access to it can retrieve any fields in the DB including login cookies for all users), so it’s not exactly a feature we want to spend a lot of time on.

I completely agree… One should enable badge SQL editing and then disable it again for security purposes.

I hope this topic may save some time to that group of people that is tuning their badges. I wish I had this info before as it would save me a lot of troubles.

Could we have a notice after saving a badge indicating that changes have been saved but are not displayed for security reasons?