When people select a specific category, send them to a specific topic instead? (wiki table of contents)

I have a wiki category. When they click Wiki in the category view, I’d like them to be redirected to the table of contents topic. Is this possible?

If not, anybody have other suggestions?

Would pinning that topic solve your problem?

Already have it pinned and that definitely helps. It’d just be cleaner if the topics were organized as they are in the table of contents. Doesn’t really make sense to browse wiki by recent, at least for new users.

Maybe have the wiki category suppressed from front page and instead have a nav link at the top that redirects to the wiki topic?

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I do have the table of contents linked in the header, but it’d be a shame to have wiki missing from the category view (which serves as the front page).

You can do this at the webserver level if you want. Requires using nginx as a reverse proxy:


location ~ /mycategory_url) {
   return 301 http://example.com/mynewtopic_url;