Help me how to nagivate the topic content?

Some topic on my forum auto navigate to the comment area instead of the topic content.
I tried to find where to setting, but I was unsuccessful.
Can you provide me some advices?

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It navigates to the comment

However I want the page redirect to the post content >>

It’s a feature of discourse where you are navigated to the last post you read on the topic. If you visit the topic for the first time then you are redirected to the topic content. If you want to navigate to topic content you can use topic-timeline (navigation for topic) to move back to the first post.

Also, you can use this component Scroll to Top Component to scroll back to the topic content.

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Maybe this is an option for you

Hi Ahmed, thank you for your advise. However, the setting you said might not apply to all the topics on our foru. With some that I’ve already read, I am redirected to the topic content