Wiki by default category should take you to first post

There is one very small (yet powerful) refinement I would like to make to the Make new topics wikis by default category setting:

  • If a topic is in a “make wiki by default” category.

  • AND, you read the ENTIRE TOPIC

  • Take you to the OP (first post) when you click on the topic from the topic list (as opposed to the last post)

I think this would help us tremendously with “documentation” and various other types of topics where you tend to want to re-read the topic as opposed to head to it to post something new.

So, I guess, my questions are:

  1. Is this a reasonable change for “wiki categories”?

  2. Should this change be expanded to cover all topics that have a “wiki” in the OP?

  3. Too confusing? Something else? (a user setting)

(note I am aware of this widget we have, but tend not to use that much)



I would :heart_eyes: this so much but we’ll need to show something in the topic list to identify these topics (maybe the wiki icon?). We should also use that icon to explain the users we might redirect them to OP once they’ve read everything.


I have been thinking about this a fair bit and agree that it may make sense to add some extra visuals here, though we have to be very careful about clutter.

I also feel that this is not about “category” it really is about optimising behavior for wiki topics regardless of where they are.

I had a quick look at the implementation which is the reason for this commit PERF: we have no use for topic percent rank · discourse/discourse@7b26f50 · GitHub

I was toying with the idea of adding one more column, but instead now that I think about it, we can just define a “subtype” of wiki.

So, a topic is subtype wiki IF the OP is wiki.

With this info at hand we can attach special behavior and UI at the list level for wiki topics with no extra cost.


Not sure if it’s specific to wiki topics. This would also be ideal for #plugin and #theme , though many of those topics are indeed wikified already.

I think also having it as a category specific option is very necessary. Some topics in the categories that would benefit fro this feature just shouldn’t be wiki-fied.


This is great. Glad you are thinking about this. Many of my colleagues are confused by wiki topics because they are taken to the bottom and don’t realize the OP is the main show. They also do not find the topic nav on their own.

Keep in mind that other posts in a topic can be wikified besides the OP.

@angus and I have been contemplating a knowledgebase plugin for creating a structured wiki interface for navigating wiki topics that belong together… maybe this can help us there.


completed per:

Per category setting, detached from wiki.