When should I switch from beta release to stable release?

My Discourse version is v2.1.0.beta3 +32 and latest version is 2.1.0.beta5. I want to switch to stable version. For that I’m refraining from upgrading. Should I upgrade or not until a v.2.1 stable version releases? I am confused because it’s saying “A critical update is available. Please upgrade!” in the dashboard. Please help.

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Don’t underestimate discourse updates. Even a commit or two are enough to create a major difference so downgrade will be a very nuclear choice.

If one wants stable then they should deploy stable from day 1. If one is using tests passed, the best bet is to remain as recent as possible … Possibly by manually updating every sunday or so.


I’m not sure, but I guess they use a stable version in paid hosting, and by default beta is enabled for those who use open-source: it’s a kind of payment for free software.

Perhaps one commit or two can make some difference, but in the end for a larger forum (over 100k posts) a stable version is safer, even if it means you don’t have any new features that have been implemented to beta.

Not everything new = better. The stable version comes from beta, it has simply been tested. So this is a disregard for the security/durability aspect of the forum for new things.

Incorrect, we use tests-passed in our hosting.


I’m sorry, but that’s wrong! Downgrading from beta won’t work, because there were database changes since the release of stable. You need to wait for the next stable release before you can switch from beta to stable.

The release of v2.1 is planned for September 10th. I’d suggest you upgrade your beta right now, because it contains important security updates.


You MUST wait for the next stable release, we do not support downgrading between streams (and have no plans to support it)


You’d think so, but since discourse.org uses tests-passed for their own hosting, in some ways it is “safer.”

The issue with 1 or 2 commits is that if one of those commits affects the database schema, you can’t downgrade.