Buttons not working on new site install

Hi just installed a fresh new copy of Discourse (ver 2.9.0.beta7) and didn’t do anything other than registering for the first account and noticed buttons of a few areas aren’t working.

I’m using the two container approach with both data and web_only containers running on the same machine. Don’t think it’d be related but in case this may have anything to do with it. Per When should I switch from beta release to stable release? - support - Discourse Meta it doesn’t appear it has anything to do with me using beta version or version: tests-passed.

Are you using some sort of reverse proxy? I see a PUT request being blocked, which doesn’t happen when Discourse is installed following the official install guide and there are no middleboxes between the browser and the Discourse server.

Your install also lacks HTTPS, which is enabled by default on every install that follows the official install.


Hi thanks for the pointer. Checked the firewall and yup I can see a PUT request blocked on port 80. It’s actually right there in front of my eyes with the console log! I can confirm it’s now working after I permitted this on the firewall. Strange though because I was running an older version of Discourse from about 2 years ago and didn’t have this issue. Guess it’s changed.

I’m not using the discourse-setup to do the install so not using HTTPS atm as I’m planning to install a certificate in there separately.


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