When uploading a secure media file without extension name - they are inaccessible

Steps to reproduce:

  1. enable Secure Media
  2. create a topic, upload some .pdf file (for example…) but first rename it and remove the “.pdf” from the file name
  3. try to download the file from the topic and get " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private."
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I think this is in the “then don’t do that” category. Most sites restrict uploads to particular file extensions. Most humans don’t create files with no extension.

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I have some lab acquisition equipment that outputs files without extension. Can’t control how their hardware/software works…
It might be the status quo to always include an extension but the fact is that all common OSs support filenames without extension so I think it make sense that Discourse would support it as well. I know this bug won’t affect 99.999% of users so no hard feelings if it doesn’t get fixed :wink:


Thanks for the report and feedback. I think for now Discourse will consider this a limitation of the design of secure media. Extensions are required.