Where are About, FAQ, and Privacy in the new sidebar menu?

Where did About go? Having such a convenient link to the TOS, FAQ and Privacy was nice.

What will happen to the quick hamburger based theme switcher? That’s really useful.

I quite like the new features but loved the elegance and simplicity of the ‘old’ top right menu system.

It would be good to maintain an option to keep the ‘classic’ view even if the default changes.

I also have concerns about the significant increase in complexity


Its here now

The hamburger theme selector I read somewhere yesterday that its gone funny because of the the sidebar.

Its all down to change and habits. I still automatically press right and end up on the search. Personally I’d like it if the hamburger menu was still on the right but the sidebar opened on the left.


Thanks, I definitely prefer the “footer” style presentation of About etc. links location in the classic Hamburger.

They are kind of “footer” focussed information, and I think the place they were put in the classic Hamburger was well thought out considering there is usually no footer on a Discourse instance.

The new location feels a little bit too hard to find … a kind of “oh we need to put these somewhere”.


Things like About, FAQ, TOS and such could be displayed when clicking in an icon on the bottom of the sidebar (like the tiny keyboard there), since they’re not really content-focused (and the visible part of the sidebar should in my opinion be completely focused on providing easy access to “featured” content). Right now is a bit hard to find and not entirely logical.


Ah, I came here to mention the same. My first impression about the sidebar is very positive, but it is also my first impression that these two links should remain visible by default, since both are targeted to newcomers.


Maybe they could disappear under the fold (or whatever the term is) once they’ve been read.

About and FAQ have been at the bottom of the hamburger menu since forever in Discourse. Has this been a concern for users in all this time? If not, they could be kept at the bottom of the new sidebar. There is no lack of vertical space, especially for newcomers (who will have a shorter sidebar).


I use a custom header link to keep my site FAQ always accessible, so this kind of crosses over with this other request from my perspective:

If I were able to use that to put the FAQ “above the fold” yet users could dismiss it, that would “square the circle” from my perspective. :relaxed: