Where are all the redirections?


I created two redirections. None of them are showing up on the Permalinks page.

I thought they were not added, so I added the same redirection again, and it gave this error:

“An error occurred: Url has already been taken”

How do I remove or modify redirections?

Okay, I figured it out. Actually, I added display:none; to .loading-container as it was adding a distracting line under posts.

Is there any way to remove the border created by .loading-container without hiding it?


If you mean this line below the last post, it’s for the topic status and the timer.

You can hide it with this.

.topic-timer-info {
  border-top: none;

Worked perfectly. Thanks again @dodesz, you’re the best :slight_smile:

CSS on Discourse is a bit complex for me. I often can’t even find the responsible classes through inspect element most of the time.

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