WordPress widget?


Is there a way to add a Discourse widget to a WordPress kind of like this Discord widget?

Basically a visual cue so that website visitors can head over to the Discourse forum. For all my Googling, I’m guessing it’s a no. : 0 (


Any data that Discourse makes available through its API or Webhooks could be displayed on an external site. The Discord widget that you’ve linked to is displaying data about how many users are online. I’m not sure if it would be possible to get that information from the Discourse API. It might be possible to use User Event or Post Event webhooks to get data about recent user activity on the site though.

Is your WordPress site connected to Discourse with the WP Discourse plugin? That plugin could be extended to create a widget similar to what you are looking for, but possibly not with the exact same type of data that you’re seeing on the Discord widget.


Thanks, Simon! I’m trying to find a solution for a Memberful customer who wants to link to their members-only Discourse forum from their WordPress site. The customer is not a developer so I don’t think what you’re suggesting is something she’d be able to do.

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I’m wondering if this is something that would be a useful addition to the WP Discourse plugin (or to a plugin that extends the WP Discourse plugin.) I’ll give it some more thought and see if I can come up with something.

Currently, the WP Discourse plugin can be used to publish posts from WordPress to Discourse. Underneath each WordPress post that gets published to Discourse, either a link to the Discourse topic, or a selection of comments and a link can be displayed. Possibly this would be useful for your customer.


Thanks, Simon! I think it would be a great addition — especially for Memberful customers. :smiley:

The other functionality you mentioned is not what our customer had in mind.


any updates on this?
it’d be great and tremendously useful if the WP Discourse plugin can have deeper integration with wordpress and be able to display more discourse/forum info on pages crested by wp.

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