Help for non-technical site admins, moderators, etc


I’ve been lurking here for a couple of months. I just started in my role as the Director of Community and am learning Discourse as I go. First - huge thanks to all the folks here who have filled this site with so much useful information. I’m here a lot searching and digesting. However, I am not a technical person (though I can hand code HTML as fast as I can type… old school!).

As a site admin who can really only CONFIGURE Discourse, it’s often a challenge for me to find the answers to my questions in the community. There are a LOT of discussions that are aimed at technical audiences, and I can’t tell if they pertain to my questions or not. I assume that as Discourse grows, there will be more non-technical users like myself who will need a more curated experience to the kinds of content here.

It may mean a new category for admins with non-technical posts and how tos. Maybe it’s a whole different community that could cover the “soft skills” of community management too. I don’t know, but I would love to figure it out. I would be happy to spend some time helping to figure out what that would look like if any others feel like this is also useful.



Meanwhile, we have the tag #community-management::tag for that.


Hey Holly, welcome to the Meta community!

Very true. We’ve kind of created this awkward unspoken convention to put non-technical guides into the #faq section. Really our docs are in need of an overhaul, which I plan to discuss with the team when we meet up for our yearly team meeting in two weeks!

As Rafael pointed out we do have the #community-management::tag tag, but admittedly it’s quite obscure and not that frequently used. I usually defer “soft skills” discussions over to the FeverBee forum where that type of discussion is very common.

There are however times when this type of discussion revolves strictly around Discourse, so it makes sense to keep it on our forum. I think if we see a few more solid community discussions pop up, it’ll be time to establish a dedicated category.


Thanks Erlend - I just may be that person! I will likely be asking questions about how the tooling can best support our community goals and culture. Appreciate the thoughtful reply.


p.s. Holly you’ll definitely want to check out our new #community category :star_struck: