[PAID] Senior Discourse Expert consultant / advisor

What would you like done?

*Looking for very experienced and skillful Discourse expert for conversation and advice — for fast and error-free deployment that doesn’t paint us into a corner.

I am looking to see the best path to create a user forum or forums for our established SaaS company that has tens of thousands of users.

I want to talk about:
a) how we might best integrate such a forum into our current web application, and our current iOS and Android applications (none of which currently have forums).
b) how we might customize the look and feel of the forum to match our service.
c) how we might allow our users to seamlessly move to/from the forum from our main service without having a separate login process and so they have no idea they are jumping from one server to another — like some sort of automatic SSO?
d) Our SaaS company does not have a “forum” but it does have in its database timestamped comments associated with specific elements (videos, video captions) and specific users. I would like to automatically generate “threads” in the forum using this data. So in this way I’d like to integrate data currently in our database to our Discourse and continue to do so in realtime. (And also let users create other separate comments and new threads in Discourse – those don’t have to exist also in our main non-Discourse database).
e) Discussion of how to best host and install — we are familiar with our own instances of VPS on Linode, Digital Ocean etc. — or should we pay for a Discourse hosting specialist? Pros/Cons of each approve? Your recommendation?
f) Our SaaS using subdomains to divide sections — shall we use subdomains for the forum(s)?
g) anything else we should know to avoid problems.

When do you need it done?
Within 7-10 days — just the conversation, not finishing the project.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
$200 — how does that sound for expert advice / consultation?

Respond with a bit about your background in coding and in Discourse.


We at Communiteq can help you with this. We have done many projects just like this one.
Send me a PM if you’re interested!


I can’t figure out how to PM you for the life of me, but I will check out your website!


You need trust level 1 for messaging. Just read some more posts.


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