Where did the customer title go?

A few days ago I noticed an edit to one of my post but checking the edits saw no change. The next day I realized the customer tag was missing. Just now I was making a reference to a post by Jay Pfaffman who I know also displayed the customer tag just a few days ago.

So what was the intended purpose of the customer tag and what was/is it’s fate?

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I think you’re mixing two issues here.

  1. Recent edit. The most recent edit on one of your topics was What is launcher start-cmd suppose to do?, and it was to change the category. You can see the category change at the top of the edit history modal.
  2. Customer “tag”. Customer was never a tag, but a title. It was used by the Discourse team to more easily track which users are connected with a hosted site. The original intent was to “show off” our customer users, as a thanks for helping support Discourse. As we’ve grown, some of our customers don’t wish to be identified, or aren’t allowed to be identified per company policy. By automatically adding the title we identified them without their consent, which was never our goal. As such, we’ve removed the title, and instead use a visible to staff only indicator to track users who are customers.