Where has the "don't go to bottom of topic after reply" checkbox gone?

I had this turned on as I often like to reply to a post while I’m browsing the topic but it’s often hard to make a single coherent reply with lots of quoted replies in, especially as it means multiple but disconnected replies to that one post.

It seems to have just recently being removed from the DrownedInSound boards as now I’m flicking to the bottom after one reply.

Is it likely to return?

I believe this was intentional.


Oh right, is there a reason? I was trying to search in these forums but I couldn’t find anything. I guess there’s a separate release notes bit with justifications somewhere?

This feature has been pretty broken for a long time and almost never used.

Can you expand on why you were using this setting?


I mean otherwise I reply to a post then I go right to the bottom, then I have to click on the replied-to link, then click the post link up arrow to go back to where I was in the thread and keep on reading down.

A lot of my users apparently did the same, and they are missing the feature…

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Sorry closing this here cause the current place this is being discussed is at: