Where is addToolbarPopupMenuOption?

I was using addToolbarPopupMenuOptionsCallback and got a notice it had been renamed to addToolbarPopupMenuOption , but when I did I call addToolbarPopupMenuOption I get a error that it does not exist.

  addToolbarPopupMenuOptionsCallback(opts) {
      "`addToolbarPopupMenuOptionsCallback` has been renamed to `addToolbarPopupMenuOption`",
        id: "discourse.add-toolbar-popup-menu-options-callback",
        since: "3.2",
        dropFrom: "3.3",


In GitHub - literatecomputing/discourse-qrcode-theme-component: Add QRcode to composer

Looks like we have a typo in the deprecation message. Fix here: DEV: Fix toolbar API deprecation message by davidtaylorhq · Pull Request #26266 · discourse/discourse · GitHub

This is the one you want:


I used addComposerToolbarPopupMenuOption when I changed it in Composer Footnote Button.


Aha! So, it’s not just me. That’s great news, as I’ve spent most of the day trying to figure out things that are, in fact, my fault (but might still stand to have some better documentation). I’ll work on asking cogent questions about those things next.

This is resolved. Thanks so much!


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