Where is the API Key in Theme Creator?

Hi! When I try to connect to the Theme Creator via the CLI, it asks me for an API key:

On my live site, I can just go to /admin/api/keys, but that route doesn’t work on Theme Creator. I did have it working for another experiment a day or two ago - both on my site and on Theme Creator. I can’t remember exactly what I did, but I had clicked something like “Renew API Key” or “Delete API Key” from Theme Creator and ever since I’ve been unable to find where my API keys are or how to generate a new one.

Here’s my dashboard on Theme Creator (Profile > Preferences), which I think is missing a menu:


There is a special “Edit Locally” button which will provide you with an API key. Check step 5 of the tutorial here for a screenshot: Beginners' guide to using Theme Creator and Theme CLI to start building a Discourse theme


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