Where should a Noob start?

(Tom Ruh) #1

Hello World,

I came across Discourse in another community forum I use and realized that it may have the possibility for a project I want to work on. I have crawled around the Meta forum here researched the capabilities and read a variety of articles. What I have not found is any getting started guides, etc… Can anyone guide or link me where to.

Where should I start?
A basic install guide?
Discourse capabilities and limits
How do the components work together?
is there a master list of Plug-Ins and Themes?

(Stephen) #2


Start there.

Everything else is here on meta, browse by category.


Hey there,
All the guides etc are in the #howto category.

(Tom Ruh) #4

This guide specifies using discourse.example.com for install. Can I just use the domain example.com or can I change the subdomain to widget.example.com ?

(Bhanu Sharma) #5

You can use anything as long as it is a FQDN


(Tom Ruh) #6

So in this document discourse/INSTALL-email.md at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub where is states the following

Please note that in any email provider, you must verify and use the subdomain, e.g. discourse.example.com . If you verify the domain only, e.g. example.com , mail will not be configured correctly.

Do I still need to use the sub-domain if I am not using that in the install?

(Bhanu Sharma) #7

If You’re installing discourse on example.com then you have to verify & use example.com not discourse.example.com