Installing Discourse as a subdomains


I’ve been getting my hand dirty with Discourse on my localhost. I find Discourse just amazing and exactly what I need, so thank you to the Discourse team for creating such an amazing discussion platform.

My question is, how to install Discourse as a subdomain. Many websites use Discourse as a subdomain (including Discourse website) and have a separate static web page. I would like to do the same. Is that possible, and are there instructions I can follow in order to accomplish that task?


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Just follow the install instructions.they assume that discourse will be on a sub domain.


Thank you. Just one question though. Is there a difference between the 30 minutes cloud install provided in this link: and the other installation options. In other words, what would be the best installation option that I could follow?

The difference is that the instructions you linked to are what we support. Any other instructions or installation method may produce unexpected and/or amusing results.


Thank you, Matt. I completely understand but what I wanted to know was the difference between the Beginner Docker install guide and Advanced Docker install guide in this page:

In other words, what advantages does one have over the other besides the installation duration?

Complexity. The 30 minute install is designed for a typical small to medium site. Large sites usually have special needs and the advanced install allows more configuration for those special needs.


Now I understand. Thanks a lot.

I think I will just use the 30-minute install for now just so I can have an idea about how things work, then later if I wanted, I can reinstall using the advanced Docker install.