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I’m a bit confused now. Surely this isn’t bigger meta-question, but I would love to save workload of staff here.

Why dedicated topic, not support (damn, I really should read description of categories) or bug because there is dedicated tag indeed? What is the point to have a tag if publishing follow topic with same name?

I’m a bit curious because [1] someone make bad decision at some point and gave me ability to change some metas :smirk:

(And if Jitsi is official one why it is missing tag official ?)

  1. I have too much time because a customer is late; very rude but she is originally from Ireland so we have to understand :rofl: ↩︎

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Where is the tag missing? The topic about the theme-component is tagged as official .
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There is just one tag:

But if I must know only official ones get a tag, and official is for another use then it is ok. I guess.

For official plugins and theme components (and themes, eventually) you can create a dedicated topic in the proper category with the appropriate tag, or post in the topic itself. Both are fine. :+1: Though if you post your issue in the plugin/theme component topic you may find it gets to split off into a new topic to keep things organised and findable (it’s great for things like Related Topics, etc too).

I’ve updated a chunk of theme component topics with the info like the official plugin ones already have, but I haven’t done all of them yet - and I’ve also been splitting the existing ones up too. As you can imagine, it’s a bit of a chore so it’s going to take me awhile to work through them all. :slight_smile:


You should work for some software company that could code an assisted GPT for that use :joy:

I think, or recon, I got the idea. Thanks.

The official tag is only used on the main plugin/theme/theme component topic itself, not on the peripheral ones. So if you find a bug with solved it would only get the solved tag and not the official one as well (it cuts down on the noise when you want to look at a list of all of our official customisations).

I can fervently wish for this. :slight_smile: It is pretty slow-going a lot of the time, especially fitting it in to all the other things that need doing. Having a magic button that would do it all for me would be excellent. :slight_smile: