Where To Configure Number Of Flags Required To Hide Post?

Good Morning,
My moderator has told me that my forum automatically hides posts from a single flag, and that this has caused a lot of unhappiness between users when having a discussion. Can anyone point out exactly where to configure the number of flags required to hide a post? Does a suggested number of flags exist? Thank you.

Did you try the settings in


Thank you for your help, I have reconfigured sensitivity to medium and increased number of users required to flag.

These seems to pertain to new users only through. I will ask my moderator to see if this resolves it though.

Would this happen by default @eviltrout? Or were the settings adjusted?

@TimothyDonaghue note that spam flags are treated much more seriously than other types of flags, so if you have trust level 3 users inappropriately flagging posts as spam, you’ll need to deal with that by suspending the users.

@codinghorror when we introduced the new thresholds and settings I added migrations to try and “approximate” the old behaviour, but it was was very complicated. On most big sites they’ve had to go in and re-adjust since.

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