Where to find Discourse database configuration?


I’m currently testing the XenForo importer for Discourse. I’m trying to migrate a test Discourse forum over to XenForo.

In the XenForo importer, it’s asking me for my Discourse info. Where do I find these information?

I used the One-Click Discourse App Installation on DigitalOcean.

The database is accessible only from within the container. You’d need to open the postgres port and set the password. The Move from standalone container to separate web and data containers topic might have clues about how to set the postgres password.

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What about the Discourse root directory field?

Don’t know. Probably one of these

  • /var/discourse
  • /var/discourse/shared/standalone

That’s something that their instructions should make clear.

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Thanks for your help, I was able to open the port and set the password.

The only problem now is the Discourse root directory. I’ve tried the two locations you mentioned above. Both returned “could not be found or is not readable.”

Any other suggestion?