Where to hire a Discourse guru?

New to Discourse, love it, but I need to make some minor style changes, for example:

  • Increase font size across the site
  • Change some text to all caps across the site
  • Round sharp corners on just about everything, but specifically buttons

As much as I’d love to DIY, I need to spend my time doing other things and would rather hire someone who knows.

Where would I go to hire someone to make the above changes?


The #marketplace category would be a good start!


Gurues :wink:

I think Jay (@pfaffman) may help you, and all the staff from discourse team of course.

I am sure that if you search :arrow_upper_right: you will find the answers to your questions on your own. What you are asking for is really basic (even if you do not know CSS at all) so if you lose a bit of time you will find the related topics.

For example, for the rounded buttons there is the component Discourse Button Styles.
You can also take a look to Material Design Stock Theme

For large font just add this in your stylesheet (16px as example, you can change it)

    html {
        font-size: 16px !important;

For uppercase use the property “uppercase” on the element (p in the example below) you want to transform

        text-transform: uppercase;

You will find many topics that talk about these changes, use the search!

I do not want to take Jay out of work, but these changes are really really easy


I don’t usually do custom theme work, but now that @Dax has explained how to do this, I would be willing to take this one on. :wink:


Thanks Jay, here’s the complete list of what I’m looking to do:

  • Remove “# total” & “# week” from mobile
  • Round corners on buttons
  • Remove “Badges” & “Desktop View” from mobile menu
  • Remove “Our Admins” & “Site Statistics” from About page
  • Increase paragraph text size just a bit
  • Make mobile menu full width

If you or anyone can do these, I’d be happy to $ for the job.


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You should add a budget (and perhaps this added detail) to your original post. This is probably a job for someone else.

Hey @John_Smith3 , I’d be happy to do these for you. Send me a private message and we can chat further.


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