Which admin settings have been reset on rebuild?

After rebuilding from 2.9.0beta5 to 2.9.0beta7 I noticed that some variables were reset: topic views heat low, topic views heat medium, and topic views heat high.

I can find no record on my forum of these having been changed.

I can’t find any references to this at 2.9.0.beta6: Whisper Improvements, Loading Splash Screen, Security Fix, and more - #2 by jomaxro or 2.9.0.beta7: Security fix, bug fixes and more - #2 by david.

Is there any way to find out which settings have been reset? I suspect there may have been others! Thanks.

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We do not reset any site setting on rebuild. For example, Meta is rebuilt 15 times a day and resetting site settings here would be very noticeable.

If you can reliably reproduce any reset on rebuild please file a #bug with the steps.


How odd. I’d recently set them quite low (in the hundreds) but today they were something like 1000, 2000 and 3500. Maybe I should rebuild Discourse and see what happens.

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Do you happen to have the automatic topic heat values setting enabled, which is the default? If so as the description says it will adjust them based on site activity.


Well done Columbo! Mystery solved.

I’ve never seen that documented, though to be fair Discourse relies on intuition more than documentation.

Also the values it picked were, let’s say, very ambitious for my forum, so I can’t understand how it ended up deciding on them!

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Same on one of my forums. It’s a login required forum with around 30 users and it chose settings not too far off from the ones you reported so I ended up turning it off.

On a really large forum I’m a staff member on the automatic adjustment does a lot better at setting reasonable values.


Maybe it’s just a slow learner but would get it right eventually. Anyway, I’ve unset that option. Thank you.

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How does Meta rebuild without downtime? Assuming this is a very complicated config?

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Maybe each description should be changed to alert people to the fact that their settings will be overridden unless they unset the automatic option.

Or maybe the automatic changes should only happen if the user hasn’t set his own values.


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