Site settings search broken

I’m running Discourse 1.7.0.beta6. All searches of site settings return no results. I don’t think this is related to this or this.

I recently changed the hostname. Could that have broken it? (It seems like it has worked since then, but I could be wrong.)

Is there some rake task that rebuilds that search index or something?

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I noticed this as well - but I assumed it was an issue with my specific instance, since we’re subfolder.

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Can we repro this @eviltrout?

Well, I can’t. I just rebuilt and it’s fine now.

Perhaps my last rebuild was just before this:

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There was a regression with my deprecation work that broke this. @zogstrip let me know shortly after I merged it and I fixed it, but if people updated to tests-passed in that timeframe it was broken.


Is a full ./launcher app rebuild needed, or a simple /admin/upgrade sufficiant?

Just a regular admin/upgrade.