Which English (GBP) Cloud Hosters Allow Discourse?


I was wondering which english cloud hosters (GPB) are compatible woth discourse, and was wondering if anyone could help me. One or more would be fine. Preferably cheap ones aswell…


EDIT: I recently just found TSOHost. Does anyone know if they support Discourse?

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I’ve never heard of a host not allowing Discourse. If it’s a linux host that supports docker, you should be good to go.

but do you know any uk cloud servers that are as good as digital ocean?

Digital Ocean have a London server so you could use that if you wanted. Vultr have a UK server as well.

Is there a specific reason you are looking for a UK-based VPS? Is it due to wanting to use GBP to pay for the service? If you use paypal, they convert GBP to USD when you make a transaction. So you can use any VPS that allows pay pal as an option for payment method.

For bitcoin, Vultr has that as a payment option. They also allow pay pal and have a London server location.

how would i access digital ocean’s uk server?

It allows you to select the server of your choice when you create a droplet (VPS instance).

yes, i want to pay in GPB, unfortuinately though, im not 18, and so cannot make a paypal account :frowning:

would this involve bying with GPB?

I suggest then to get a pre-paid Visa and load it up with funds.

EDIT: Apologies, just checked DO’s terms of service. Virtual credit cards aren’t allowed.

No, in regards to using GBP to make a London server droplet. All funds are in USD, regardless of server location. The company is based in NY.

can i use debit cards on DO?

Yes. I did when I tried out DO. As long as the card is backed by a credit card company that DO can process.

does that include lloyds bank?

I don’t see why not. A debit card is a debit card if backed by legit financial institutions.

If your card is from Lloyds, I suggest giving them a call and asking if your debit card is backed by a credit card company so it can be used like a credit card. I don’t know how it is referred as in the UK, but here in the states we say “Visa Debit” or “Mastercard Debit” to refer to them depending if it’s Visa or Mastercard who backs it. DO states they can process Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards. So if your debit is backed by one of them, it can be used.

i have a visa debit so… i should call my bank and find out?

It’s probably a good idea. :smiley:

ok thanks for your help!

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