Which Home Page Do You Use

So I’m going back and forth from Categories to Latest as I just made a new site and not very populated yet so which do you think is better for a visitor

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It’s less about what is best and more about what works for your community. In mine, we’re a large, established community with a lot of niche discussions. Latest doesn’t make a lot of sense for us, because most topics won’t be relevant to any given user. So we use categories.

If you can’t decide, maybe try the combined category and latest view?


There’s a reason Latest is the default out of the box.

In general, when a new user lands on your forum, you want to show them cool stuff to look at immediately to catch their attention. You don’t want to make them think about what category the cool thing they want is in. Maybe there’s a great topic in category X but they pick Y?

Latest will show the most recently bumped stuff, which is often the hottest and most interesting.


Thanks that actually makes alot of sense :slight_smile: I’m gonna keep it as latest thanks @eviltrout