Which IP should I point in `containers/app.yml` for installing on a local host?


(D Iff) #1

I’m going to install Discourse on my machine to test and customize it.
I want it to be installed on my machine and run from it. I don’t need it be on the internet somewhere.
Now, I’m confused in this step:

When it asks for DISCOURSE_HOSTNAME, What should I put there? What’s the ip pointed to docker container? Is it

#2 or localhost
read this :

(Jeff Atwood) #3

It does not matter as you can always access the site via IP. You could edit your local hosts file to make it whatever you want as long as it matches what was entered in the app.yml.

(D Iff) #4

This is my problem! If it was a php based, I knew how to edit apache, But here I don’t know what is docker and how I should edit local hosts file. Where is local hosts file?!


I think you don’t need apache , you can uninstall it
if you want web server install nginx web server




(Kane York) #7

The configuration option is asking this question:

When Discourse generates a URL, what should it put in front?

Example answer: meta.discourse.org