How to run discourse on my laptop

I like to play a bit with discourse. To also understand how to install it I would like to let it run fist on my laptop.
What I did so far: - installed docker
- installed discourse

What I don’t know: How do I no let discourse run by typing an ip into my browser. Is there somewhere an tutorial about?

I know that I could do it also more simple with a cloud…but I like to understand how to do it on my own. (I have free access to a server, just want to install it first on my computer to be comfortable with)

I’m using debian jessie

hope someone can help me out?

lg Paul

if you run ifconfig, you should see a virtual network port called docker0, with its IP address. eg:

If discourse is installed and running correctly, then this IP should work in a local browser

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great thx @Tom_Newsom. :slight_smile:

How do I come into “root@discourse” ?
(I’m super new to all that stuff)
sudo -s discourse doesn’t work.

ok, I got it and it’s running. :slight_smile: