Which is more SEO friendly; Flarum Or Discourse?

Flarum is easy and supported by most of the hosting and I was able to install it within 5 minutes. For discourse, I am searching for affordable hosting that provides me with the installation of my plugins and themes but still struggling to find such hosting for 3 hours.

Cloudways don’t support discourse installation, and I am very used to their interface.

Just want to know if is discourse better in SEO than the flarum. If it is then I will do the hustle it requires to install discourse. Otherwise, I will stay with Flarum.

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It is matter of content, not platform. If you are looking for maximal SEO then WordPress or another CMS solutions serves you much better — and even then it is matter of content, again.

Do you have issues with Flarum that Discourse will fix? If yes then you should continue. If not, why are you looking for new alternative? If the answer is only SEO then you should rethink things :smirk:

Discourse needs basic skills of shell. After that it is only price question (plus some technical matter, but those are different thing). If you want to get one-click install or other ready-to-use solution CDCK and companions are the answer — but those aren’t cheap.


Wow, lovely reply.

Yes, I checked on Google, and Flarum forums are showing up in good positions.

I will stay with Flarum. Because There are 4 forums in the pipeline. Flarum is very easy to install in a few minutes with SSH without a one-click thing.

Thanks, bro for a very helpful reply.

I’m used to PHP and initially was worried about Discourse being complicated to install, but from https://docs.flarum.org/install/ and https://github.com/discourse/discourse/blob/main/docs/INSTALL-cloud.md I’d say they’re probably about as easy as each other. I had difficulties with Composer years ago and avoid it now, so maybe that clouds my judgement!

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But which hosting provides easier SSL installation and discourse installation?

I checked A2Hosting and SSL installation is a real hustle.

All of them? Again, all you need is ssh and shell. Installing Discourse takes few minutes and at same time SSL is done via Let’s Encrypt.


Thanks, I will reconsider it for my other forums.

You just need to get over the mental hurdle of thinking that anything beyond PHP applications on a shared server will be “hard” :+1:

I tried thrice bro that’s why I am saying. First I didn’t find a cloud hosting managed one to host discourse they say our unmanaged VPS server allows that. However, managing unmanaged VPS is very hard for someone like me who left university because of programming.

Flarum can be installed in seconds on managed cloud hosting/ Any managed one and I started my 3 forums with it and 3 more are in the pipeline.

I would challenge this.

Over the past eight years I’m aware of many users with zero prior experience who were able to follow the 30 minute install and build a site.

It might feel daunting but it’s really worth a shot, I’m confident you can do it.

If you do encounter any problems file a support topic and we can help guide you on your way - that’s what we’re here for!


People who offer managed VPS servers make unmanaged VPS servers sound hard… in reality it’s easy, especially as for Discourse you’ll likely use an external email sending service. I’m not very experienced either but don’t find Discourse any harder to run than things like Wordpress.


So, with which hosting provider it will be easier? With A2hosting I was not allowed to even connect to a server and on cloudways they didn’t allow me to install discourse via SSH.

Start with the $5 VPS at DigitalOcean. Their environment is very straightforward to start out with and the documentation has been tested against it thousands of times.

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Ok, thank you very much. I checking them out

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