Which plugins freely available?

Which plugins are freely available?

Here Plugin directory | Discourse - Civilized Discussion they look available only for paid hosting plans.
Or please correct me.

In particular, I’d like to install solved plugin.

Here are the plugins avail

Official Discourse Plugins:


Discourse Plugins:


Awesome, Gavin!
Thanks a lot!

Yep, and if you want to get technical, there is usually a licence within each Plugin.

The filename is usually Licence.txt or similar, is placed in the root directory of the plugin code and it will explain the terms, e.g.: discourse-locations/LICENSE.txt at master · paviliondev/discourse-locations · GitHub

Almost always, the licence is a standard one.

Here’s a good guide on the more popular Licences: Open Source Licenses Comparison [Guide]

The details of these licences can be important, especially if you wish to use a plugin for commercial purposes (many licences permit that, btw).


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