Whispers and Small Action Posts disappear in Post Voting topic

We use post voting in our community and see the following behaviour: in normal topics, whispers function as intended. In post voting topics, whispers appear immediately after creation, but become invisible after reloading or when visiting the topic again.

Seen with Discourse 3.1.0beta+309


Hello and welcome @fpbhb :slight_smile:

This is currently an unfortunate side effect of the post voting layout. A similar thing also happens with small action posts like ‘closed’ and ‘split’ too. It is under discussion for how best to handle these, but I’m afraid I don’t have a timeline on when this may be resolved.

But thank you for the report. :+1: :slight_smile:


They are “disappearing” because of this sorting ability:

When sorting by votes, it’s hard to insert small action posts in between because they tend to be better understood in chronological order (aka “Activity”). The bug now is that there is a filter that removes small action posts for both sorting methods.

I will remove the filter when “Activity” is selected, which will allow the small action posts to appear.

It’s probably also useful to have a site setting that allows admins to set if the preferred sort order is by “Votes” or “Activity”, I think?

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I took this internally and we believe it’s unlikely that a post voting -type topic will not want to be sorted by “Votes” by default.

I’ve fixed the “Activity” view to include small action posts:


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