Whispers show up in embedded comments

(marioMAN) #1

Hello guys
I think there is an undesirable behavior of whispers when you are using embedded posts. You can see them as regular posts (even for unauthenticated users) this should not be happening.

How to reproduce:

  1. create a whisper in the forum
  2. check this post when is embedded on a website (using javascript)

that’s it

(Robin Ward) #2

I can’t reproduce this. It does indeed show up when I am logged in and look at the posts, but when I view as anonymous.

Are you absolutely certain it’s showing up for unauthenticated users? Here’s a screenshot of my test. The one on the right is incognito:

(marioMAN) #3

check this

the last post


you can see the last post is a “This is a hidden comment” that is a whisper in the forum

Can reproduce in freshly installed forum as well

(Robin Ward) #4

Wait, how are you embedding those comments? That doesn’t look like the standard discourse way to do it?

(marioMAN) #5


I just had a chat with the frontend developers, and they are doing something really strange. I did a new test without our backenservice and it works just fine. sorry for the time waster.

(Jeff Atwood) #6