Hide or remove "Listed/Unlisted" comments when embedded

We’re in the process of replacing Disqus with Discourse embedded comments for a blog. The instructions are clear and we have the relatively new feature checked to make topics unlisted until the first comment is posted. However, when that first comment is posted, we see two comments in the discussion. The one that is posted plus another auto-generated comment showing that the topic was listed. Is there a way to not show these auto-generated “Listed” comments?

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I had thought that small action posts were excluded from the embedded comments, but testing this now, I’m seeing that posts created for small actions (listing/unlisting, etc) are being included in the embedded comments. This seems like something that should be fixed.

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You’d probably only see those as staff right? Or is that not the case?

So far I’ve only tested this on my local dev site. I’m seeing small action posts in the embedded comments even when I’m logged out of both my Discourse site and my blog or logged in as a non-staff user. I can test this on a production site if needed, but I’m not seeing anything in the Discourse code that filters out small action posts for embedded comments. For example, this post has an an actual comment (with a post_type of 1) that’s not being displayed:

Thanks for the leg work simon. I have a PR ready with a fix:



Thanks everyone for the extremely quick turnaround on this. I’m not familiar with the deployment process. I see the PR has been merged. When would this get deployed (he said, admitting he hasn’t actually checked his instance yet).

If your site is hosted by us, send a PM to our support group and we’ll make sure the fix has been deployed to your site. If your site is self-hosted, the update is available now. To get it, you’ll need to update to the latest version of Discourse from your site’s admin dashboard.

Thanks. I’ll reach out to the support group for our two instances

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