Whitelist for Auto Generated Emails


people in my organization keep complaining about receiving the “We’re sorry, but your email message to … didn’t work.”

The context is as follows: They are sending the mail to an address called “all”. This the send the mail to all mail addresses in the organization, discourse being one of them…

In the meanwhile I have added the mail “all” to the “auto generated whitelist” in the email settings but to no avail.
How can I prevent the reply message “We’re sorry, but your email message to … didn’t work.” being sent to people as they are getting frustrated b it.


I am not following why random emails are being sent to Discourse?

So basically what you are saying that this should/must be dealt with in the mailing list and not in discourse.
I understand.

Still, I would expect the mail addresses in the “auto generated whitelist” to be ignored of any “Auto Generated” checks.

Any thoughts on that issue ?

Not exactly, I’m just not fully understanding the setup?

Do you want those messages to be posted to discourse?

Nope. For posting to discourse one would need to use a special mail address.