Spam Filter / Whitelist suggestions

(VNV Jeep) #1

We’re a cloud subscriber, and about to go live. I wanted to send some warning to all of our new, incoming users on suggestions for preventing emails getting stuck in their spam filters.

Does anyone have a list/block of IPs that you would suggest that need to be added to people’s whitelist? I’m assuming everything comes from *, but also noticed some mailservers are using


(Eli the Bearded) #2

I don’t have any special filtering for Discourse, but an examination of the headers shows the mail comes from * hosts (eg with from addresses at

(VNV Jeep) #3

Thanks for that… but would you happen to know what range of IPs that the cloud version of Discourse may be using? That would definitely help.

For instance, I received an email, headers indicating: ( Is that it, or is there a block of redundant mailservers that Discourse uses that we can make sure make it on our whitelists?

(Matt Palmer) #4

All e-mail will have an envelope sender domain of, and the SPF record for is our authoritative list of sender addresses.