Whitelist HTML element which is a custom element (web component)

Is it possible to whitelist a custom element?

I have a library of custom elements I have written, and I would like to make them available to my users. @pfaffman pointed out the bbcode wrapper theme component by @joffreyjaffeux, but that seems to be more about… well to be honest I’m not sure I understand the relationship of the input and the output in the example.

In plugin world, there do seem to be clear examples where particular HTML elements are “whitelisted” —there’s a fair amount of code but if it boils down to just following a template like this in order to get my closed set of custom elements working, I could probably figure it out:

It’s pretty easy to understand how that code is working.

Would it work as well if the tag in question were a custom element (which of course has a dash), like, say, <interlinear-text> (which I have already defined outside of Discourse)?