Whitelisting tags

It is possible to have a limited list of allowed tags on topics?
I can’t find a way.

Use case: I would like to label some posts as tutorial-style “how to” posts under each of my Categories, instead of taking these useful posts our of the categories where they really belong to a separate “how to” category (which is what I currently do). So currently my whitelist would be one tag: “howto”.


Yep! @neil’s been improving tagging recently, and this feature now exists. You would need to go to each category edit menu, and find the tags tab. You’ll then have options to set allowed tags for that category, and set tags that only will be allowed in that category.


Thanks - I didn’t see that because tags need to be enabled in Settings before the tab appears!

However it is not quite what I am asking about. It seems that this achieves a sort of blacklisting for other categories, and also it is not what I meant by whitelisitng for the present category:

This means a tag is allowed only in this category, which you pointed out. This doesn’t stop other tags in this category.
It just means it cannot be used in another category.

So it doesn’t achieve what I’d like: a curated list of allowed tags, which can be used in any category (if not listed in the above field of course). E.g., in Settings, a bit like for file extensions allowed for upload:

Perhaps this abuses the intent/philosophy of the tag functionality though.

You can do that. Set min trust to create tag to 4, then as an Admin create a topic in an admin only area and add the tags you want to permit to that topic, so all of them have been created.

Now any user who qualifies with min trust level to tag topics can use the tags you have setup.