Maximum Tags & Disallow Tags Per Category

In category options, there is an option to set the minimum tags required for a topic (Minimum number of tags required in a topic). I think an option to set the maximum amount of tags per topic in that specific category would be useful also. As well as disallowing them entirely.

It is somewhat possible to handle this with tag groups (Limit one tag per topic from this group), but not in the scenario where the tags also exist in another tag group which do not have this limitation enabled.

There is a work around for disallowing tags entirely in a specific category (at least for regular users). It can be done by creating a meaningless tag, assigning it to a tag group, limiting the tag group to only being visible to staff then limiting the category to that tag group.


I do think if we are going to have minimums, maximums also make sense… having someone add 50-100 tags to a topic is probably not great.


This is something we need as well, is this a planned feature?

I think we should have a maximum tags per topic site setting by default here @eviltrout, not having a maximum does open us up to … weirdness.


max tags per topic defaulting to 5 is already a thing, isn’t it?

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Arrgh you’re right, I misread the topic. No, we have no plans for this at the moment.

I see the ability to set a minimum number of tags from a tag group for every category, so to set up a system where a user needs to add 2 tags minimum on every new post would the best way be to create a global tag group with all the tags used so far on your site, and then set every category to require at least 2 tags from that group?