Who can invite new users? Can I configure that?

My users didn’t think it was very easy to find the button for inviting new users, but I’m find with that being something you have to learn.

But, I was asked who can invite new users to the forum and I find myself unable to answer. I can’t find any information in the post about trust levels, nor the moderation guide. I’ve seen somewhere on my forum (can’t find it now) that only “trusted users” can invite others, but no mention of what constitutes a “trusted user” anywhere.

This topic clarifies that you need to be trust level 2, but leaves the question of whether this can be configured open. Can it? Is it still trust level 2?

Yes, you need to be trust level 2 or staff to send invites. This isn’t configurable at the moment, so you’ll need to grant TL2 to any users who need to have this ability.


I don’t understand why “trusted user” means tl2 or above for this, but tl3 and above for other things.
Can this not be changed so everything is the same? (Or made configurable would be even better! )

Here’s the link to the separate topic on this issue where the Discourse team plan to make this configurable in the site settings:

There is some limited configuration already:

And if even TL2+ users are unable to create invites then here are some possible causes: