Who is this post in response to?

User A: Creates a topic
User B: Posts a reply to the topic
User C: Immediately after user B’s response, sends a reply to user B.

At this moment, a notification is sent to user A and user B, informing them that they have a new answer in the topic. User B realizes that the answer belongs to him, but user A, because there is no sign of replay, does not know whether user C’s answer was for him or for user B!

This problem is exacerbated in large threads and confuses the creator of the topic.

I think it would have been better if the replay sign had not been hidden during successive replies, and it would still have been clear to whom the reply was sent.


I may be misunderstanding what you are saying, but if I’m not, unchecking this setting should solve the problem for you.


Discourse has really grown, in a few years, you will have to hold discourse management courses for admins and give them a DCP degree :sweat_smile: Thanks for the tip. Our problem was solved by disabling the suppress reply directly above option.


I hear ya. I can’t keep up with it either. Usually searching here on Meta turns up an answer.

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