Who Liked Your Posts This Week in Email Digest

“Who Liked Your Post This Week in Digest” in email digest

This would encourage members to open the email digest to
see who like their post this week! :smiley:

I hope that’s helpful idea :blush:


I think this is a good idea but worry that it will introduce a bit of unwanted noise into the digests.

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This seems like something that would increase people’s involvement in the forums - so I think its a good thing to look at (and test, if not too hard).

I know Jeff hates to look at Facebook except as an example of what not to do - but I think it would be valuable to look at the social reinforcement mechanisms that Facebook uses - and see if you can borrow some of them that wouldn’t be too hard to implement. This seems like something similar to what Facebook uses to pull people back to their app.

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I like thought of looking at emails each week seeing who liked my posts! :grinning:

When someone likes my posts. I start liking their posts in return,
It creates a positive atmosphere!

It would also help to create a bond and friendships within the community :blush:

This is a good point! :blush:

Imagine you have a forum community meetup and you notice people in the room who “liked”
your posts because you saw they did in the digest

A.You know they like the same topic as you!
B.You might go over talk to them because they liked your post!

So I think this would create a good online and off line community for meetups too! :blush:

This please!

I came here because I was looking for a previous request of the following, and perhaps its related in spec:

I have a low-volume Discourse installation (just getting started and is paid-entry). To encourage positive feedback and involvement, it would be nice to have an email sent each time a post is liked. I know this seems insane for large communities, but for mine it would be great.