Why a link in OP is not shown in the "related links" section?

We have a topic which links to 2 other topics in OP, and a third link in a reply. Only one of those topics from OP is linked in the “related links” section under OP, even though the number of links is correctly counted - 3.

Here’s the topic: Proposal: following symlinks by pattern - Feature - Duplicacy Forum
Here is a preview:

What are the reasons some links are missing, while others are shown?

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Possibly related: the “related links” section is missing in Interface Nomenclature Guide

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There are no related links just two sets of links: to this topic; and from the topic. It is confusing you because the topics you refer to are cross-linked to each other.

  • The links above the topic map are topics that have links to this topic which includes the topics from which this topic might be split. If you follow the links here they will take you to the relevant post in those topics.

  • The links from this topic are the popular links section that is expanded in the topic map.

The following topic is long enough to automatically display the popular links:


Thanks for the explanation, I guess I was a bit confused as i expected those links above the topic map to be something else (hence the “related links” name I gave them).

It confused me a lot when I saw your screenshot. But it makes little sense to duplicate links which are already in the post and are also in the popular links.

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