Why Can't I Add a Theme Component to a Theme?

I’m working on Theme Creator and I’m trying to add a theme component to one of my themes. In the documentation below it says I should be able to add a Theme Component to a Theme under “Included Components”. I have created my own theme and I have installed a theme component “Branded Header Theme Component”.

Below is an image from the documentation of where it says “Included Components”. Why don’t I see this as an option for my own theme?

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Why is the option of “Include component on these themes” unavailable to me in any of my themes?


Are you seeing this on a site where you are admin or only on the theme developer site? I think it might not be available there.


This was only on the theme developer site. I’m now on a site where I’m admin and I finally have the option to add components. Thanks for your response :slight_smile: