Why can't I edit Medals/Badges directly from "Badges" section in admin dashboard

Hey guys,

Why can’t I edit Medals/Badges directly from “Badges” section in admin dashboard?
I know that I can go to setting, then customize and finally site content and edit my badges. But this will take too long since there are too many detailed badges.

(my forum language is different so I need to translate it)

Is there any way to edit them in “badges” section instead of editing them one by one via Customization section?



You can go to Admin > Customize > Text Content
Search badge name, description and you can edit it, :slight_smile:


Well I know that. But its takes a really long time. I was thinking if we could do something real fast.

I you do that, in the next upgrade say “goodbye” to your customization :wink:
Use the @Nam_Nguyen method.

What do you mean that I should say goodbye? Is that mean that all my language customizations will be gone?

I think the point is, that if you would edit everything outside the customization, it would be gone. Editing everything in the customize area makes the changes stick over upgrades.

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True that, but see this:

Why can’t I just simply edit them from it’s own section?
All options are grayed-out!

This would save a lot of time for seek and replace.

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If I understood the earlier comment right, this is for the fact that all your changes would be saved over upgrades. But I get your point, it would be very easy to edit them all from the badge menus. If you want a quick way to change them, have the menu in the right side of the monitor and the customization in the left side of the monitor and just go through them…

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Thanks for care.

I really hope in next versions they will consider this.

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