Where can I edit the text in each template below?

Where can I edit the text in each template below?

You can’t change the default badge’s descriptions. You can only change your own ones by going to admin → badges. The second one you want to change is the old way of welcoming new users, but was replaced by Discobot, so there’s no place to change that as of now. If you want to change Discobot, which is the new way of welcoming users, you can go to admin → customize → text content.


Understood that I wasn’t able to find where they were. Thanks!

No problem! :slightly_smiling_face:

I found this page.
Can’t I change the description of badges here?

I want to translate English into Japanese, but Discourse does not allow to do so in this page.
Our users are Japanese, so they won’t understand the desctiption in English. Somehow, part of the description are written in Japanese though.

Now I use v1.6.0 and will update Discourse to 2.3.0 in the near future. When updating, will it be able to change the description?

You can’t change the default ones. I think you can translate here:


Understood. Thanks, Chaboi3000!

@nujabes you can actually change the badge descriptions from the Text Content section of your admin panel. You just need to search for some of the words within the description.

For example the one in your screenshot can be found at /admin/customize/site_texts?q=active%20member


@tshenry Thanks! I was able to change the text as I wanted. I will change every text I want to change with this way!

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