Why do I have a Facebook / Meta app and what if they disable it?

I can’t remember why I have this Facebook (now Meta, I guess) app. Maybe for linking images from Facebook? Anyway, they sent me an email about a “Data Use Checkup” which wants the app to be associated with a “business account,” but it’s just a sole proprietorship so I have none of the documentation they’re demanding. If I ignore this and they disable the app what will happen?

Hi Robert. :wave:

Do you have Facebook login or Instagram embeds on your site? Those are two reasons I’ve used a Facebook account for testing purposes.

I can’t be sure, unfortunately. I would plan on the integration to stop working, whatever it is, unless the appropriate documentation is provided.

I was stalled in my testing because I could not get my app approved, it’s not an easy nor straightforward process. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Yes, propably Facebook login. Meaning if it is in on self hosted one, users should connect alternative way to login. Or they have to use password restoring.

It looks like time of SSO via social media is over. It doesn’t mean any bigger, because Google and Microsoft covers majority of users. Apple would be bice addon, but because of theirs greediness it is an option only on corporate level. And there is, of course, still the traditionally way spiced up with tools of devices.

Instagram embeds has always been as big headache as Xwitter login, and if/when it disappears we don’t loose nothing good.


It’s good practice to occasionally log in to your site as if a totally new user using your social logins.

Nothing will destroy new sign-ups faster than a social login that no longer works.

Try to schedule a test every 3 months minimum.

This will also act as a reminder of the setup for you.

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The only third-party login I’ve enabled is Google, so that’s not an issue.

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Meta has a choice of three ways to verify my domain. Which is the easiest? My Discourse site is in a DigitalOcean droplet.


I tried the file-upload method but it’s apparently private even though it’s world-readable (-rw-r--r--).

The dns record is the easiest.

You could add the meta tag to your theme, but that’s easy only if you know how to do that.

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Thanks! Meta sure makes it ridiculously complicated when all I want is for Instagram links to show up correctly rather than as a login prompt.

After all that, Instagram links are still not previewing.

No, it is not. Nowadays style of social media is trying to stop leaking of content, because it doesn’t work as an ad.

That’s why there is no point to even try to keep Xwitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. in the good shape doscoursewise. Just too much work and everything will break again quite fast.

Instagram is a mirror of TikTok, though. And chinese aren’t that jelous of content, at the moment anyway. There is then really big chance to find exactly same content from TikTok — that short media venue is based on copying others :wink: And TikTok embedds. Not nicely, but it does.

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Thanks for the tip!

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