Lost my Facebook App access

I’ve been using the Facebook app to login and to display oembed but Facebook suspended my app for no reason and doesn’t reply to my repeated appeals. I really need members to login with their Facebooks and also I need Instagram and Facebook videos and constant ombeded.

Question 1: if my Facebook login was disabled, how can the users that logged in (registered) with Facebook continue signing in? Or is it possible that they are refused login?

  • if it’s the case they no longer are able to login what would be the best course of action? Create other login app on my same Facebook developer account and send an email or PM to the ones that have signed up with FB?

Question 2: for the oembeded videos and content, can I use a separate app than the Facebook login? I want to mitigate against the risk of oembed not to work due to possible disabling of the Login with Facebook again.

I think it’s a common issue for Facebook to suspend login apps for no reason and for instance admins to be left with little choice.

They can sign in using local or another social login with the same email address.

From what I notice people saying here (not that I pay careful attention to Facebook posts), that seems to be the case.

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