Why do I need to approve every visitor?

I am receiving a deluge of approval requests and I don’t understand why.

These are called “flags” according to the constant emails that I get telling me that I need to pay attention to them.

When I review the “flags” they are classified with the description “needs approval”. No further information is available. I’m not sure in what facet I am “approving” these things, or what it actually is that I am approving.

Either way I am pretty sure that I am adding zero value as an administrator because I just click 100% of the approve buttons.

I am not expecting to approve anything. If these are related to new user registrations on the forum and granting them permission to be a user, then this is unexpected as well. Below is my current setting for new user accounts.

Lots of questions:

  • What actually is a “flag” and why are these flagged
  • This lack of explanation is a potential area for improvement, how do I report this suggestion to people that care?
  • If these “flags” are related to new people signing up, how do I auto-approve all of them in advance?

Note: I am using SSO so 100% of my forum are preauthorized (and paid-in-full!) to be there.

Please see Feedback on the new Review Queue and update your site to the very latest version of Discourse. If the problem occurs again, report it on the appropriate topic


I have the same problem on two sites, one of which is also login required, so all users are approved before they can log in as reported here. I upgraded the site yesterday, so it’s pretty darn close to latest.

@eviltrout is trying to reproduce the problem, we will keep you informed


Can you help me reproduce this issue? I have a couple of questions:

  1. Did all the users appear at once after you upgraded? Or have they been appearing throughout the day?

  2. Did you turn off must approve users after you saw the users, or was it off already?

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These appeared over the course of approx. two days. I can tell because I have the emails “13 flags waiting to be handled”, “20 flags waiting to be handled”, …

“Must approve users” had been off previously.

Also I am using the Wordpress SSO.

Thanks for the reply. I now realize one problem with the new Review Queue is that the email referred to all reviewable content as “flags” which was incorrect. I’ve updated that notice:


Can you check if the invite only setting is enabled? It’s the only thing I can think of that’s forcing you to review users. If must approve users is off.


Hi, I’m using SSO to create users, have “invite only” checked, “login required” checked and “allow new registrations” unchecked. Before beta6 the new users were created fine on first login when logging in for the first time via SSO. After I upgraded to beta6 (didn’t manually changed any settings) I have started to see these approve users. I assume the users are not created now before I click approve. I don’t understand where the change came for, and how can I keep creating the users at first login without manual touch. I only want to allow users of our external system to login. I will keep following this post, and can post extra information if needed. Thanks!

Checked for user information in the table, and it seems the users are created already earlier as I can see data in “seen” column pointing to the time before pressing approve and some read topic counts. So I’m not sure now what am I approving or why the users show up in the approve list.

These settings are incompatible. There is a fix if you update Discourse that disables the setting and prevents it from being enabled.


Thank you for your fast answer and the fix. I have upgraded now.

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