Why don't likes on the first post count toward most liked posts?

Hello, I am from The AirportCEO forum and I was wondering if my first post should count towards most liked posts. I gave a really good idea and already has 6 likes, but since it was the first post in my thread it does not count towards most liked posts. Could this be changed? The best idea and thread topic is the first one and I think it should count towards most liked posts. Thanks! Ryan

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That would be under most liked topics, wouldn’t it?

No,most liked topics is most likes in a topic. So while your likes will count towards most liked topics, it does not credit that you are the one who posted that topic

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Well I don’t know if I agree with that. A topic is a very different thing than a random post in a topic.

From what I saw, it would be like you liking the first post in this thread and it is not counting towards my total liked posts.

For me, I know just because I like the first post in a given topic, doesn’t necessarily mean I like the entire topic as a whole. (Things often can and do take a different direction!) :slight_smile:


What I am saying is, when the first message (what starts the thread, not the reply) is liked, it does not count towards most liked posts. After all, the thread is based around the first post, which gets feedback and suggestion

I can see both sides here.

What I’m curious about is why it’s important. Are you using those stats for something @Ryan5 ?

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No, was just wondering why so many people got 10 likes on the thread starter and it did not count towards most liked topics.